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Candidates I support in the Becker school board election

There are quite a few people running for school board this November.  I know some of them and others I haven't had a chance to get to know.  I've had several people ask my opinion on which other candidates would be best for the district.  I can't provide a definitive list since I don't know all the other candidate's opinions and platforms.  The candidates listed below are people I know and believe will listen to the broader Becker community and do what's best for all our children

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Aaron Jurek

I believe it is important that Aaron be reelected this year.  Aaron is a long time board member and as such brings a wealth of knowledge to the position.  I have known Aaron for years and have watched our kids grow up together in Becker sports.  He is a thoughtful person who will continue to serve our community well, if given the opportunity

Pete Weismann

I have not known Pete long as we only met when we both volunteered to fill open positions on the school board back in April.  However, in the short time that I have known Pete I've come to respect his enthusiasm and work ethic.  He is passionate and dedicated to making Becker schools safe and welcoming to all students.  You can learn more about Pete on his website => here

Ryan Hubbard

I've known Ryan for as long as I've been in Becker.  Ryan is a friend, former neighbor, and outstanding member of the Becker Community.  Ryan runs a successful business here in Becker and is involved with many community activities and events.  I have no doubt that Ryan will make a great addition to the School board.

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